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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get upto 40 free “Skype” minutes on purchases made through “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction”

(25-March-2010): Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Here is another gift to its users from “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction”!!

“Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” has begun a work association with “Skype”. And the news comes to the users in form of the discount voucher package. These discount voucher packages would be distributed only to the users of “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” on making a purchase at “Skype” from here ONLY. This offer is valid on any purchase made on “Skype” provided that these are launched from “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction”

To claim the discount voucher package, users would have to send the proof of purchase (Order – ID) and proof of payment to need.junction@gmail.com once we get your claim for discount vouchers, we would confirm your purchase with “Skype”. We would also confirm that these purchases were launched through “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” and get back to you with your discount voucher. For launching a purchase, click on the active links in this post, which would route you to "Skype" through a third-party gateway.

So simply SkypeOut!!

Some information about “Skype”:

“Skype” provides free software that enables you to make free voice calls and also video calls from Skype-Skype absolutely free. Skype uses an internet connection for these services.

Through “Skype”, you can reach mobile phones and land-line connections of over 30 countries. All you have to do is to buy Pay as You Go - “Skype Credit” or take a “Skype Subscriptions”. “Skype” also enables calls directly to the mobile phones and land-line phones of over 30 countries. These calls attract some very low charges. What more? You can also get an "Skype online number" which can be called by others to reach you! Finally, to enrich you "Skype" experience, have a look at the "Skype Shop" to shop for Skype-range of products.

And don't forget to send us your Order-ID anf proof of payment to us at need.junction@gmail.com

Help us help you!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

“Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” is growing!!! Get benefited!!!

(20-March-2010) Started three months back, “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” has steadily grown its network of users and listed brands. Now “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” is the home of more than 20 brands across the world. And we are committed in leveraging our presence for benefits of our users. We want to treat our users with the best available in the market that will suit their needs.
Tell us what are you looking for and we would negotiate with brands listed on “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” to give you the best possible price. All you have to do is to follow some easy steps: (Please understand the complete procedure before start as you will be directed to another webpage for sending the mail to us)

  1. Click on “Email this” or "the message symbol with an arrow"
  2. Your Email Address: This is the email address on which we should contact you.
  3. Send To Address: need.junction@gmail.com
  4. Message: This should include the product information and brands of your choice. For example, if you want to fly from San Jose to New York using Airlines Mexicana, then your message should be Product description = “Flight between San Jose to New York” Brand = “Airlines Mexicana”. Write brand = OPEN in case the choice of any particular brand is not important for you
With this information, we would approach the brands listed on, “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” to negotiate the best deal for you. Please allow 4 - 5 working days for us to come back to you with the deal of your most benefit. Please note that “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” is not involved in any money transaction between the users and the listed-brands, it only provides the suggestions to its users. Also, “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” charges nothing to its users.

Hope to hear from you!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Use discount code - BELV10 – to save 5% at Belvilla Holiday Homes across Europe

“Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” has initiated its professional journey with “Belvilla Holiday Homes” for generating value for its users. Read across this article to find out – HOW?

When you stay in a "Belvilla" home, you can rest assured of a unique holiday home in ideal surroundings at an attractive price. The portfolio of accommodations consists of more than 18,000 holiday homes in 18 European countries. Interested in a weekend getaway, a summer or winter sports holiday or simply a short break? Do you prefer the coast, countryside or mountains? Whatever your preference, there is a "Belvilla" home to meet your needs, from a cosy gîte for two to a castle big enough for the entire family, from an apartment in the heart of Rome to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, from a simple tree house to a luxury dream villa and from close to home to the other side of Europe.

A "Belvilla" home gives you the freedom to enjoy breakfast in your pyjamas or continue a good conversation into the morning hours without having to worry about the bar's closing time. Prepare gourmet meals with fresh local ingredients in your own kitchen and take advantage of having your own swimming pool to do as many cannonballs as you want! In other words, you can enjoy complete privacy in your home away from home.

What more? Use the discount code while making the payment at "Belvilla" web-site and save 5%. The discount code is exclusive for you, the users of “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction”. The discount code for the users of “Find My Stuff: Need-Junction” is BELV10. The discount code can be used till 11-March-2011 to book a holiday untill 31-Dec-2013. Users can jump to "Belvilla Holiday Homes" website through our “Brands 4 You!!!” section. Approach to Belvilla Holiday Homes from here to prepare for your holidays.

Enjoy your holidays!!! Be safe!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

“Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” welcomes the association with “CitySights NY”

07-March-2010 has marked the beginning of professional association between “CitySights NY” and “Find My Stuff: Need Junction”. Now, our users can shop for various services provided by “CitySights NY” through our “Brands 4 You!!!” section.

An executive from “CitySights NY” describes “CitySights NY” as a recognized leader in New York City sightseeing. To describe the port-folio of services imparted by “CitySights NY”, he added –

Our hop-on, hop-off bus tours are operated on a fleet of 60 new double-decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating to provide you with the best possible views of New York City’s attractions, neighborhoods and places of interest. It's the best way to travel New York City!

We also offer what are often acknowledged as New York City’s best-value double-decker sightseeing packages including major attractions and activities such as harbor cruises, museum visits, helicopter tours, shopping day trips and one-day escorted motorcoach tours to Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia & Amish Country.

On our Night Tour you’ll get an amazing view of the illuminated Manhattan skyline from a special stop on the Brooklyn waterfront. Our Brooklyn Tour takes you to trendy and historic neighborhoods. We look forward to providing you with a fun, interesting and entertaining sightseeing experience in The Big Apple!

We, at “Find My Stuff: Need Junction” hope that this association would be a delight for our users!!!

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