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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gain your independence from increasing costs with our – DISCOUNT REFUND - offer

(Aug 15, 2010) This offer is related to any of the valid purchases** made on any of Need-Junction sites*. Once the purchase is complete, the purchaser has to send us transaction details including name of partner brand (where purchase was made), date of purchase, receipt / transaction number and a soft copy of the purchase confirmation note. These details should be sent through purchaser’s e-mail id# to need.junction@gmail.com . Upon confirmation from our partner brand, we would reply back with the accumulated DISCOUNT REFUND amount##. Every time you make a valid purchase** and send us a mail to claim you refund, we calculate the new – DISCOUNT REFUND – as a sum of previous balance and new applicable amount. Once – DISCOUNT REFUND – exceeds INR 500, we would send you this amount through Moneybookers^.

Used Symbols and associated meaning:

* - Following are the Need-Junction sites:

** - Valid purchases are those which are confirmed by our partner brands that those were made from Need-Junction sites*. To make such a valid purchase, the purchaser has to approach our partner brand list through the links at Need-Junction sites*. Links under “Keywords” and “External Ads from BidVertiser” are not eligible for this offer.

# - Purchaser’s e-mail id would be treated as purchaser identity for this offer.

## - Currency for all the transactions would be INR (Indian Rupee)

^ - As our tie-ups with Moneybookers, Discount-Refunds would be sent only to purchaser’s Moneybookers account. The currency for this transaction will be INR (Indian Rupees). Later the currency could be converted through Moneybooker services. In case you do not have Moneybookers account, please click here to create Moneybookers account.

NOTE: DISCOUNT REFUND – offer is purely offered by Need-Junction and has no connection with any of the partner brand offerings.

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