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Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday NJ!!!

"Find my Stuff: Need-Junction" goes live on April 30, 2010 @ www.need-junction.com/about

This would be from today our home-page. The domain has been registered and it now appears in Google search on first page. And this marks the re-launch of "Find my Stuff: Need-Junction" in the internet space. Also other pages have been created, most of which are currently blank. The process of next one month would bring up the web-page when it would be completely functional. It would be then associated with the brands listed with "Find my Stuff: Need-Junction".  http://need-junction.blogspot.com/ would be the official blog-page.

Happy Birthday NJ... May you have the great time in the internet space and continue to guide them who come to you searching. May you bring prosperity and happiness to those associated with you.

With this note, I declare that "Find my Stuff: Need-Junction" is re-launched.

Monday, April 26, 2010

On April 30th 2010, “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” would reborn

Moving ahead, we are set to re-launch the homepage of “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” with a new design. We are planning to keep this user-friendly, sweet and simple. And “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” would reborn in the internet space on April 30th, 2010. And this is not everything...

“Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” has its focus on Self-Improvement during Q2-2010. Focus of Q1-2010 was on developing work-relationship with well-known brands, which we would say was a success to a large extent. We hope, Q2-2010 objective would also be fulfilled with our concentrated efforts toward our goal. Under this initiative of “self-improvement”, we have launched ourselves on Google Groups, Facebook and Twitter. Now, you can:

Follow “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” on Facebook
Tweet with “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” on Twitter.
Join “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” on Google Groups.

Also users can get updates from “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” on their mobile phones. For this,

• Users in United States would have to send “follow need_junction” to “40404
• Users in Canada would have to send “follow need_junction” to 21212
• Telstra users in Australia would have to send “follow need_junction” to 0198089488
• Vodafone, Telecom NZ users in NewZealand would have to send “follow need_junction” to 8987
• Vodafone, Orange, 3, 02 users in United Kingdom would have to send “follow need_junction” to 86444
• 02 users in Ireland would have to send “follow need_junction” to 51210
• Bharti Airtel users in India would have to send “follow need_junction” to 53000
• AXIS, 3 users in Indonesia would have to send “follow need_junction” to 89887

We would consider this re-launch to be a step further towards professionalism. We intend this to be a miniature launch however this would reinvent the functions and approach of “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” towards emerging as a well-known brand with versatile options serving the users throughout the world. We would continue our exercises for building our brand-image throughout this year. We intend to establish our own space within our users to benefit them in all possible ways by providing them with valuable information, shopping options, product suggestions and online shopping gateway. We expect that brands, listed with us, would help us in serving our users in a better way and this experience would be mutually beneficial for our users, brands and us.

“Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” would continue “Generating VALUE for its USERS”…

Monday, April 19, 2010

Travel with the ash cloud :(

(Right click on photos and open in new window for complete photographs.)

(April 20, 2010) The biggest news in the travel industry is that of the Volcanic ash cloud and its movement. Projections about the movement of this cloud has already brought travel misery to thousands of passengers. This has also resulted in huge losses for the travel industry. On 16-April, almost $200m lper day loss was estimated for the UK airlines industry. However, there are some good news coming in. Britian's national airspace flights bans would be replaced. Now the Britian's sky would be divided into three areas - No-fly zone, Strict condition area and Open-sky area.

The picture below shows the forecast of this ash cloud on 19 April and the affected red zone where there were no flights in the air.

And how are the skies looking like?? This can be interpreted through the next satellite pictures. The two photographs show the reach of the ash cloud over the European region and the Atlantic region. Let us hope that the conditions get better early.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Q2-2010: Focus on self-improvement

Focus of Q1-2010 was on developing working relationship with leading brands in travel industry and we have kept our word. Today, “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” is the home of more than 20 leading brands. Out of these, 12 brands are from travel industry. These are Lufthansa, Air France, Mexicana Airlines, Belvilla Holiday Homes, CitySights NY, BrovoFly, Despegar, Travelocity India. Zuji Australia, Carmel, CheapOAir and AirFare.

Now it is the time to sustain this growth. It is the time for self-improvement. Focus of Q2-2010 is to develop a professional brand known as “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction”. The webpage should undergo a design change and get a more professional look. It should be easily searchable from search-engines. And most important, it should be known to many many users and they should like to come back to the webpage. Though the sales are not planned to grow immediately however “Find my Stuff: Need Junction” should be determined as a professional, user-friendly and beneficial utility over the web. That is the focus for Q2-2010.

Enjoy shopping online!!! “Find my Stuff: Need-Junction” would keep on generation VALUE for its users.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

“ZUJI” lays its footprint on “Find my Stuff: Need Junction”

ZUJI can be introduced as an online travel agent dedicated to bringing great value travel choices to travelers in Asia Pacific. ZUJI is part of the Travelocity family of companies globally, and owned by Sabre Holdings, a world leader in travel commerce. It uses the green footprint image and icon regularly to denote both the start of journey and eco-friendly acceptance.

ZUJI teams are located throughout Asia Pacific, and ZUJI has a network of online travel sites in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Korea and Singapore. It offers inspiring holidays at great rates online with a choice of more than 400 airlines and 60,000 hotels across the world.

Our users can access the global network of local teams and sites provided by ZUJI. This in turn would enable ZUJI to offer great travel deals for them. Our users are requested to explore the maximum benefits of ZUJI. At “Find my Stuff: Need Junction”, our users can find ZUJI in our “Brands 4 You” section as ZUJI Australia and Travelocity India. Also, users can use the flight booking facility of Travelocity India available at “Find my Stuff: Need Junction”. Also expect Zuji discount vouchers to be available on “Find my Stuff: Need Junction” around October this year.

Help us help you to find the best for you available on the internet.

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